Gifts to Brian Help Him Play With Independence

Brian M. will be thirteen in December – a miracle since he was born at 26 weeks, had a stroke, is paralyzed on the left side and lives with epilepsy, a colostomy, and has had half his brain removed.

“The brain division was a hard choice (in 2009),” according to his mom, Brenda, “But when you have to do CPR on your child, you do what you can, even knowing there will be loss. No parent should have to lose their child to seizures,” she told H.A.L.O.

A second brain surgery in 2012 caused Brian to lose peripheral vision and worsened the already limited use of his paralyzed hand, causing difficulty in walking, even with a device.

“H.A.L.O.'s gift of an arm device helped Brian regain strength and make real gains,” Brenda said. “He uses it at home to supplement what he was doing in OT (occupational therapy).”

Brian is doing much better today. H.A.L.O.’s recent gift of a Flaghouse Roadstar II adaptive tricycle enables him to play alongside other children with some degree of independence, she said. This year he was able to attend a medical summer camp on Cape Cod with the family and play adaptive baseball in the Miracle League.

"H.A.L.O.’s generosity helps Brian be a part of things. Thank you H.A.L.O.”