A Sampling of Messages From Supporters and Recipients

“H.A.L.O. began by making direct gifts to the residents 20 years ago, then moved on to purchasing items
such as a portable ramp to enhance their visits home. The foundation has made our young adults' lives easier by providing duplicate positioning and ambulatory devices at their community day programs so they don’t have to bring them back and forth. It has contributed to our sensory room and several medically-supported vacations on Cape Cod for families to bond with their children. The legal advisors at H.A.L.O. CAN have helped several of our families. We at NEPC are grateful for the enduring support the H.A.L.O. Foundation has provided for the past two decades.” ~ Ellen O’Gorman, Executive Director, New England Pediatric Care

“At Seven Hills Pediatric Center, children and young adults with severe neurological disabilities are provided with an exceptional quality of care by our dedicated staff, who bring dignity to each person’s day. With the help of the HALO Foundation over the years, Seven Hills has partnered to provide memorable outings, bring special gifts and supply smiles.” ~ Dr. David A. Jordan, President/CEO, Seven Hills Foundation.

“Each year for as long as I can remember, the H.A.L.O. gift to Plymouth Pediatric Center has allowed staff to provide gifts to each pediatric resident at the holidays. Smiles and happy vocalizations abound at the party. One particular incident stands out in my mind.
Thomas, one of the very few residents who could move around independently, was watching Santa closely, laughing and clapping as each child opened his gift. When Santa left the room, Thomas wheeled himself to the tree, pulled out a present Santa had missed and wheeled himself to the one child who had not yet received a gift. I was truly surprised that he paid enough attention to know whose present it was but, not surprised by the thoughtfulness.” ~ Betty MacDuffee, Plymouth Rehabilitation/Athena Day School

“We are proud to be part of the first two decades of the unique and noble mission of H.A.L.O. to enhance the lives of the most needy of children, and hope that others will do so with us in the years ahead. " ~ Thomas R. Kline, Esquire.

"H.A.L.O. does vitally important work in advancing our common mission to advance the lives of those most in need. May the next 20 years be as productive as the last 20. ~ Shanin Specter, Esquire

Daniel C.
“I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude. I have been using the laptop provided by H.A.L.O. to keep in close contact with the wheelchair rugby team I belong to at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. . . I will always remember your generosity." ~ Daniel C.

“It’s sad to think how quickly your life can change. You can come home at night to an upside down world. The Doyle classic started as a family thing, and now we give the raffle proceeds to H.A.L.O. We give because each of us has a responsibility to help and I know that every dime is going to what the kids need.” ~ Jack Doyle

A 20th anniversary is truly an accomplishment . . . in this age of Instagrams, texts, twitters. [H.A.L.O.’s longevity] signifies dedication and commitment on the part of the entire Pinshaw clan to this small but truly relevant charitable foundation. ~ David Goldwasser, MD