Pool Lift Will Keep Ethan In The Swim Of Things

Ethan and his mom meet Preston Brust from LoCash, his favorite country band.
Ethan B. of La Moille, IL has loved the water since he was young.

Swimming is on par with his passion for the Chicago Bulls, and going to live concerts with his mom.

Born with cerebral palsy-mixed quadriplegia, swimming is an excellent physical activity and great social participation for the 18-year-old. It provides a therapy environment that doesn’t stress the joints, promotes good health and social development skills and builds his self-esteem, according to Mary Anne, his mother.

Ethan’s grandmother very generously funded installation of an above ground pool last summer. The family is very close, so Ethan’s cousins regularly enjoy swimming with him.

Ethan has grown to 128 pounds and it became dangerous for Mary Anne, his primary caregiver, to transfer him from his power wheelchair into the pool and out.

“It wasn’t safe for him or for me,” said Mary Anne.

The Spa Lift Ultra chair was identified as the best option but insurance would not pay because the chair is not considered a medical necessity.

Mary Anne organized a fundraiser and successfully applied for a grant from Challenged America, and raised more than half of the $3,678 cost. H.A.L.O. paid the remainder.

The lift was scheduled to be installed mid-June.

“We’re thrilled beyond words,” Mary Anne said. “Thank you all for your generosity.”