Founder’s Message - Is It Asking So Much To Be Noticed?

Dear Friends,

When your child cannot walk or talk or feed herself, when unexpected illness or injury steals her possibilities,  you agonize about the limitations of her life. Will her days be a pain-filled succession of doctor appointments and uncomfortable hours in a wheelchair ignored by all but a television set?

H.A.L.O.’s mission is to ensure that children who have devastating and complex neurological conditions feel noticed and as cherished as any other human being. We strive to provide them opportunities to experience happiness and the variety of life.

It is therefore gratifying when people like Dr. Murray Feingold and physical therapist Susan Maltz and volunteer Francine Fahey and even entire communities like Keene, NH take notice of what can make their lives better, and DO something about it.

We applaud these heroes who are highlighted in this issue of H.A.L.O. Reports and  thank you for your continued interest and support of H.A.L.O.

Yours truly,