H.A.L.O.’s Gift Enhances Matt’s Quality Of Life

With help from H.A.L.O. it’s easier for Matt to attend his brother’s games.
The Help A Little One Foundation recently contributed to the purchase of a gently-used wheelchair van for the family of Matthew D.
“Having a van that Matthew can drive onto and off in his wheelchair has enabled him to explore his world at a grander level. It’s just amazing – I can only compare it to the opportunities that became available when he first received his wheelchair,” said his father, Paul.
Prior to the purchase, the family drove an older van without a wheelchair ramp. They had to transfer Matthew, age 5, from his chair to a car seat, fold and store the hundred-pound chair, drive to the destination and then reverse the process. There was limited room for passengers and the transfer was precarious and exhausting.
As Matthew began to outgrow his car seat, his doctor and physical therapist expressed concerns about his safety, but car specialists told the family their van was too old to add a lift.
“Without H.A.L.O.’s generous donation it would have been difficult to make this purchase,” said Paul. “Now our family can do more activities together, like going to our other son’s games, with less stress. This is the second time H.A.L.O. has helped us with items that are not covered by insurance. We are super grateful.”
H.A.L.O’s gift supplemented funds raised by the family’s church and community. The family also obtained a grant from another non-profit foundation.