Founder’s Message - "Be Strong” For H.A.L.O.’s Kids

Dear Friends,

Since the tragic Marathon bombings in April, “Boston Strong” has become part of the vernacular.

The victims and their families have all been admirably positive and strong. 

The Boston Police, Fire Fighters, EMTs, regional responders, volunteers and observers at the finish line who selflessly rushed to help the injured were strong. 

The extraordinary doctors and nurses in the Boston hospitals who worked tirelessly to save limbs and stem the death toll were strong.

In the face of this first act of terror on American soil since 911, the President, Governor, Mayor and a multitude of public and private individuals led the response with unprecedented unity and strength.

In fact, the whole country took on the mantle of “Boston Strong.”

Children and young adults who have severe neurological impairment, and their families,  deserve to know we support them through their ordeals, too.

Thank you for keeping those H.A.L.O. serves in your thoughts.  Your kindness makes all of us “strong.”

Alan Pinshaw