Founder’s Message - You Are Our Children’s Champions

Dear Friends,

The Boston Bruins’ Stanley Cup win is a distant memory for sports fans in New England and we didn’t find much to cheer about as we watched our Red Sox fizzle in September, but the team at the Help A Little One Foundation chalks it up as another winning season because YOU still champion the children who cannot advocate for themselves.

As supporters of the Help A Little One Foundation you make our Family Circle program possible, as well as the individual gifts we make to enhance the quality of life for children with severe neurological impairment. You are part of a small army of people who remember that individuals with severe disabilities deserve to live a life as fulfilling as anyone else.

Your kindness expands their horizons and makes all of our lives worth living.

Twice each year we share stories about those who make life better for H.A.L.O.’s children. I hope you enjoy getting to know people like Peg Knox and Mike Andrews. They are the people we all strive to be.

Thank you as always for your continued good wishes and generosity.

Alan Pinshaw