Gavin Middle School Gets Adaptive Trike

H.A.L.O. recently donated an adaptive tricycle to the Gavin Middle School in Boston at the request of Physical Therapist Susan Maltz, MPT.

It adds variety to therapeutic treatment plans and keeps students motivated to exercise, and everyone thinks it’s pretty cool when students ride the Rifton Wrangler through the cafeteria .

Gavin is a traditional public middle school which also hosts special needs programs that serve students with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. Some students require the use of wheelchairs, feeding tubes or other medical equipment.

“The kids are 11 to 14 years old and it is difficult to keep them engaged in continuous motor activity,” said Maltz, “I can’t express enough how it important this bicycle is to our program.”

She said bike riding helps students increase muscle strength, joint motion, balance, and coordination, and improve movement and fine and gross developmental skills.

The rectangular handlebars offer plenty of places to put hands; the low cross bar makes it is easy to mount; and the adjustable seat with higher back provides stable sitting.

“Not only are all the kids crazy about it, they can do it themselves. It’s age appropriate and such a normalizing thing,” said the therapist. “Their faces just light up when they ride and the other students enjoy watching them.”

“I am totally grateful to the H.A.L.O. Foundation for giving us the tricycle,” Susan said. “In addition to the physical benefits it also provides a very important social experience.”

For information about Rifton adaptive tricycles visit http://www.rifton.com/ or call 800 571-8198. To make a request visit http://www.halofoundation.org/.